Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hair!?!? HELP.?


My mom says I can cut my hair.

It's light brown and kinda really curly but I straighten it most days.

I want something not too short but not too long.

And I like punk and wear rockish clothes so not goody goody two shoes hair cuts.

Also I'm thinking of dying it either blue or green.

And give me some cute hairstyles.

And a good brand of straightening irons.


Hair!?!? HELP.?

Well for the haircut I would do something med length and choppy layers with side swept bangs, this is an average scene hairstyle that would probably suit your style and is not too drastic for you mom to complain!!!

As for dying it I am getting pink chunks in my hair so maybe get some thick streaks of a cool green or aquamarine!!! The aquamarine color is sooooo f'n hot right now and I might switch from pink to that color!!!

Good luck and for a hair straightener I use Coriolis but heard that CHI is the best!!!

Hair!?!? HELP.?

okay get it shoulderlength with layers, then the straightener best brand is chi and ion

Hair!?!? HELP.?

Cut it into a bob.... it looks great with straight and curly hair

Hair!?!? HELP.?

Keep it curly, medium length and don't destroy your nice light brown hair in favor of something disgustingly unnatural, unattractive and odd.

Hair!?!? HELP.?

Lots of layers.

Best flat iron: CHI. It's worth the money.

Hair!?!? HELP.?

hey... ya i have really curly hair but i straighten it most of the time... i use CHI brand hair straightener. since ur gonna straighten it.. u should get bangs layers..or somethng like that.

Hair!?!? HELP.?

- Go curly! Curly hair is so unique. Read the book and visit the sites below about curly hair. I did and my once horrible curly hair is now virtually frizz-free ringlets. Now I get compliments on my hair all the time! Straighten your hair- be happy for a day, learn to manage your curly hair- be happy for life!

- To style your hair using the curly-girl method you will need gel, a leave in cream, and conditioner at the minimum. Some less useful, but still nice stuff would be a blowdryer, a diffuser (reduces frizz in curly/wavy hair when used with dryer), and a microfiber hair turban (to dry wet hair while sleeping or in the morning).

-The main philosophy of the curly-girl method is to not use shampoo. This may sound unhygenic but it has actually made my hair less oily and dandruffy. Most shampoos contain some of the same chemicals found in laundry detergent (aka sodium laureth sulfate or anything close to that). They dry out curly hair. Also you shouldn't brush your curly hair dry because it damages the hair and makes it poof.

- Massaging of the scalp with conditioner to remove dirt is all that is needed. It will clean everything but super clingy silicones (cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone are examples). Then rinse and spread conditioner on the outside layer of hair and the hair at the nape of your neck. Gently comb tangles out with your fingers or a wide toothed comb and rinse with cold/cool water.

- Do not brush/comb your hair after this point because it wil disturb the curl pattern (make sure you already have a part). It is also important to use gel on sopping wet hair and scrunch the hair with your fingers. Make sure gel is evenly distributed everywhere in your hair. If you use too much you can always scrunch out the crunchy texture later.

- Use paper towels or an old t-shirt to gently scrunch some of the water out (generic towels can make hair frizz). You can either let your hair air dry or wait ten minutes and then use a blowdryer with a diffuser. Dry until your hair is almost dry, and then let air dry the last bit. Do not touch the hair while it is air drying or it will frizz!

- Use a moisturizing conditioner, such as Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Conditioner (found at health food/organic stores) or Activate Hydrating Conditioner (drugstore). The combo of products that I use daily is L'Oreal Out of Bed Weightless Texturizer (comes in a black-colored tub) and then Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel or Body Envy Gel, but there are more conditioners, gels, etc. on the websites. The products I recommended are my personal favorites and contain no silicones.

- "Strictly Curls" is a book about curly updos and such. Curly hair looks good long with LONG layers. I advise against thinning because it will make your ends ratty. I like to sweep hair back with 2 crisscrossed bobby pins after parting my hair to the side. I also like to wear my hair half up and leave out individual curls to frame my face.

- Your hair may seem worse at first, but it is just adjusting. This may take a couple weeks to begin working. Before you decide to quit shampoo, do a final cleanse with shampoo and stop the use of any products with silicones in them. Hope this helps!

Hair!?!? HELP.?

well im a punkish kinda person too. id go for the pink highlights, pink never gets old. if ur hair color is blonde try black higlight! and 4 ur tips try green or red. try some side bangs

Hair!?!? HELP.?

If you want something punkish, Get someone to put foils in the crown area, with the blue or green, then have them color the rest dark. Go to a shoulder hair cut, that has layers, with choppy and textured ends..Get spiked layers around the face as a frame. use a flat iron to straighten it..

How can I keep my punk ways?

I recently asked a ? on how I could be pretty and still have my punk ways and I have no clue wht to do with my hair i usually dont care my hair is naturally crazy straight and shoulder lenghth with some layers but what should i do to make myself a little trendier but still be myself (details needed)

How can I keep my punk ways?

try pulling it up..i'm emo and i put my hair up when i don't like it down just keep it puck with the eyeliner!

How can I keep my punk ways?

I have a punk friend who is really popular she plays sports yet wears punk clothes and listens to emo music she has a blue sreak in her hair it permant she wears plaids and skulls to getcute punk accessories go to Claires

Im going to a sting concert and I want to know what to expect Im a punk fan so any moshing? what to

I like punk and moshing and my rents and some friends of mine are going to sting so Im going too and I need suggestions and well I want to dress punk is that ok? (band tee with crazy colors and hair???) will i get to mosh or jump about or like stand and be I expected to sing along? any help would be greatly appreciated...

Im going to a sting concert and I want to know what to expect Im a punk fan so any moshing? what to wear...?

First..., an answer to :"Rick"... this is a "Sting" concert, not a "string" concert... pay attention to your reading...

Second... If you are going to a concert of Sting, let me tell you that the 70's are over and unfortunately, Sting is not a "punk" anymore... Wear casual and relaxed... Sting has passed thru a lot of changes and is not into a fixed style... he has grown older and mature, remember that you are there to enjoy his music and not to show yourself... dress on white and plain... He might be probably wearing the same...

Enjoy your concert...

Im going to a sting concert and I want to know what to expect Im a punk fan so any moshing? what to wear...?

First, be prepared and open to really enjoy yourself. It may be like putting on a different hat. You have a hat for fishing and another for mountain-climbing. The mind needs a variety of ways to realize itself. At string concert (and it doesn't matter what you wear) you may have to tone down all the voices that sometimes clutter your mind and really listen. Listen to each of the four instruments together and seperately. You may be surprised if you let your mind go and follow where the music takes you.


Hi, so I have this Goldilocks costume for Halloween, and it's too short to wear for school, so I decided to wear black skinny jeans underneath and yellow polka-dotted vans. So I started to look like an emo/punk Goldilocks. I was wondering how should I do my hair and makeup?

P.S. Don't be like no makeup or curled hair only because I'm not going as your AVERAGE Goldilocks



Black eyeliner (traditional emo) and shiny pink lips to go with that cutesy Goldilocks look. As for the hair... I know you won't like this but it HAS to be curled or you're not Goldilocks.


i would def. do pigtails.

as for makeup, heavy on the eyeliner with a creamy yellow eyeshadow and white in the creases to open up your eyes and make them pop.


It depends on what your hair looks like..

if its sort of short you could spike, or poof it up...

or if its long you could tease it slightly....

and also has good makeup ideas...

and how to do them...

just change the colors to what would match with your

outfit =]


smudgey black eye makeup pink lips and dont forget to draw in some brown freckles!! emo goldilocks sounds awesome!!!


Straightened, black layered hair. with some colourful etc.. blue or purple colour hair spray or the temporarily hair dyes. funky.

or wear a wig, maybe them afro ones! HOT AS.


wear ur hair down with lots of big loose blonde curls and a bid yellow bow in it then for makeup wear some super good mascara and then make super little rossy checks with like bright blush or pink face glitter or pink eyeshadow and then bright pink lips!and add some big white chunky beads 2 ur costume!

Slightly Punk Girl Haicuts / Hairstyles helpx!!!!?

My hair is very fine but i have soooo much of it i can only put a hair tie around it twice without stretching it with out having it break. My hair is slightly wavy, very long, and i have very long side bangs already.

My hair is brown/blonde, some people call it a very dirty blonde some people call it light brown.

I was thinking of getting my hair thinned or adding some red highlights underneath, but I don't really have any idea what I'm doing here people. I want a style that fits me, very edgy very punk rock ( just no mohawks or anything too too crazy lol)

P.S. no pink streaks, my boyfriend and friend just got pink/purple streaks - very bad idea, trust me

Slightly Punk Girl Haicuts / Hairstyles helpx!!!!?

awww your hair sounds so pretty.

my hair is just like your, and i got it thinned like mad.

its SO easy to deal with now. its def something to think about.

my hair naturally is the same color as yours. i started dying it reddish brown and i LOVEEE it

i dont think i would put red highlights in, but here are some ideas maybe you could try. hope they help!;...;s...;s...;...

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

I'm gonna be a punk rocker for Halloween this year, and I don't have any ideas except from I need ideas about how punks look and act OTHER than what the article says. I have no idea about how to do my hair up in a mohawk or how to find a dog collar or "combat boots" (whatever they are). I also need work with my personality. I have two Halloween parties, a school dance, and trick or treating to do. I'm a really nice person, and have never done anything like this that involves being vicious. So I need you to answer:

1. How to do my hair in a mohawk (I have gel but I'm thinking of using knox gelatin or Ice Spiker...don't know how to though)

2. Where to get a dog collar or combat boots

3. How to temporarily change my personality (and facial expressions) from kind and considerate, to mean and vicious

4. ^ Help with all of the above please!!

Also heres a *bad* pic of me

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

Punks arent all mean and vicious. Punk is not something you be. Punk is undefinable therefore open for your own views.

If you want the stereotype punk look, use a spray on hair spray,red if you can. Its only temporary!

I recommend you not get a mohawk coz you dont have the hair type. Instead get loads of spikes around your hair(liberty spikes). Use IceSpiker because other gels wont work.

Combat boots are army type boots. That come up quite to your knees. They look like Wellington Boots if you know what i mean. A good brand for combat boots are Doc Marten, good luck fingin it.

I also say ,finish it with a leather jacket, drainpipe jeans(not too tight,otherwise you look emo) And do the whole DIY thing. Buy some chains, safety pins and stick onto your clothes!

Good Luck hahaa

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

Who says all punks are mean and vicious?

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

If your hair is still similar to what it looks like in your picture, then I would suggest just doing the 'spiked' look - using gel and making your hair stick up everywhere. You can also take some small sections and 'twist' it into a cone-like spike. I think that would probably work better than a mohawk. I would think you could get a dog collar at a store like Spencers. You probably don't want to buy combat boots just for a costume - just wear some black boots if you have them. Wear a black (kind of on the tight side) t-shirt and some fake tats, black eyeliner, maybe black lipstick, some wide black bracelets, maybe some face earings or a lipring, etc.

Good luck! Sounds fun! :)

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

You can shave your head if your being drastic and your family won't trip.

Otherwise trim/shave the sides, go in the shower just before you are going to dress up Halloween Nite/or for your Party and make sure your hair is wet (depending upon the type of gel you are using) if not then just take the gel and mess your hair up then stand it up and use a blow dryer.

Dog collar can go to a store like Hot Topic at your local mall, maybe even a pet shop in the section for larger dogs if your neck is smaller. Combat boots at the local Army Surplus store.

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

Not all Punks are mean. I Have a couple of guy friends all decked out in punk nicest guys you'd could wanna meet so don't sweat that. You don't have to do Mohawks or dog collars. Just do some spikes with spray on hair color ( the can's U find this time of year r fine) or a temporary black or red hair dye. some fake piercings check out Hot Topic ( That's a Store that sells punk / Goth clothes at the Mall Or on line )

Punk Costume?? (I'm helpless)?

You wont Pull it off anyway you look to much like a nerd no offence. Get another costume idea.

Some cute punk haircuts?

I want a edgy, punk haircut to go back to school with. I have brown, shoulder lenght hair with bangs coveringing one eye right now. I think i might want a darker hair color too b/c i'm tan and i want something to bring that out. if you have any suggestions, i would really appreciate it!

Some cute punk haircuts?

I'm not a fan of punk haircuts most of the time. BUT I like this one a lot.